Dr Mourad Ghrairi

DEPARTMENTS: Sports Medicine
Spoken Languages: Portuguese , Italian, French, Arabic, English
Availability: Full Time

More About The Doctor:

Dr. Mourad Ghrairi graduated from Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (France) with a speciality in Sports medicine and with his experience in Sports Medicine, he is a Sports medicine doctor in Dubai at the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence.

Dr Mourad's professional career began in 1993 as he joined the “Football Club de Toul, France” as the team physician. Shorty thereafter he was back to his country Tunisia, and he became a physician in the "Tunisian National Centre of Sports Medicine". Simultaneously, He was the team physician of the prestigious “Espérance Sportive de Tunis”. Since 1999, he have been working in UAE as team physician for three different football clubs and finally for the UAE 1st Football national team.

Dr Mourad have acquired more than 20 years of experience on the football field but he nonetheless was not satisfied with only that. He have published and presented a number of scientific papers in the field of sports medicine in general and football medicine in particular. He have also proven himself as a scientific director by organizing a number of scientific congresses beginning with the “Scientific Journeys of the national center of sports medicine in Tunisia” in 1997.

Recently, He organized the “2d Sports Medicine Symposium” in collaboration with my new employer, the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Dubai, Sports medicine clinic in Dubai. Aside from his fieldwork and my organizational experience, he is also a lecturer at the UAE football Association, the Asian Football Confederation, and the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians. My fieldwork associated with my humble contribution to scientific research allowed me to become part of numerous prestigious medical organizations such as the “FIFA medical network”, the “American College of Sports Medicine”, the “European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians”, and The “Société Française de Traumatologie du sport” among others. He is currently conducting research on the prevention of muscle injuries in football, injuries related to heat and humidity, and pre-competition conditioning. Dr. Mourad also contributed to establishing a medical database for UAE football.

Professional Memberships:

EXPERIENCE 2015-Present: CMO FIFA medical Centre Of Excellence Dubai 2019-Present: Chair of the European College of Sports & Exercise Physicians 2016-Present: Medical Officer, Asian Football Confederation 2012-Present

Head of Medical Services, Al Shahab FC Dubai UAE 2002-2004: Team Physician, UAE 1st Football National Team 2000-2002: Team Physician, Al Wehda FC Abu Dhabi UAE 1999–2000: Team Physician, Al Wasl FC Dubai UAE 1996-1999: Head of Medical Services, Esperance FC Tunis Tunisia 1994-1996: Team Physician, Tunisian National Teams 1993-1994: Team Physician, FC Toul France QUALIFICATIONS Doctor of Medicine, University of Sfax Tunisia 1990 Postgraduate PMR & Sports Medicine, University of Strasbourg France 1994 Medical Officer, UAE Football Association 2014-Present: Member of the American College of sports medicine 2017-2019: Medical Director, Shabab Al Ahli FC Dubai UAE 2002-2017


Doctor of Medicine, University of Sfax Tunisia 1990 Postgraduate PMR & Sports Medicine, University of Strasbourg France 1994