FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Dubai is under Health & Medical Services (HMS) Group which is one of the leading health care providers in the UAE. HMS is a network of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities that services the UAE and other GCC countries. FIFA center specializes in multidisciplinary sports medicine and rehabilitation center accredited as an excellence center by FIFA and AFC. The center caters for professional athletes, as well as regular patients, who are guaranteed the most effective treatment using the latest techniques, allowing them to return to their active lives as soon as possible.


HMS FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Dubai is the only health organization in the UAE providing Dubai sports medicine care for high-level local and international athletes in compliance with the FIFA criteria of excellence. It has thus gained accreditation from FIFA since 2016. Our team aims to provide healthcare to individuals of all ages and abilities, professionals, amateurs, and youth athletes We are leaders in Pre Competition Medical Assessment and in Sports Injury Clinic in Dubai: Diagnosis, management, surgery, rehabilitation, prevention, and performance optimization We conduct research in a wide range of sport, exercise, and health-related areas, under the authority of the FIFA Medical Committee and in collaboration with international and local scientific institutions.

HMS FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Dubai is the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Dubai-UAE, we have highly qualified and experienced sports doctors, sports surgeons, sports physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, and orthopedic Surgeons in Dubai and being the best sports clinic in Dubai, we provide sports medicine, Acl reconstruction surgery, ankle sprain rehabilitation, cerebral concussion treatment, best meniscus surgery, Best brain training professional player, ATFL rehabilitation, Best orthopedic surgeon, Isokinetic rehabilitation, Isokinetic testing, and all sports-related treatments.